Loose leash walk with Wagner at the beach.

Do you dread taking your dog for a walk? Are your walks more of a drag than a walk?  Are you embarrassed because you dog is all about barking and lunging at every squirrel, dog, or person they see?

Is the thought of a loose leash walk beyond your imagination?

Now imagine your pup calmly walking at your side on a loose leash, without a care in the world.   Imagine how relaxed you’d be.  Ah…isn’t that nice?

The walk is an important part of your relationship.  It sets the tone for life with the family both in and outside your home.  In this program you will learn the tools and techniques for a structured loose leash walk.  You know, the things that put you respectfully in control and lead to more walks.

  • Please note: this program will focus only on the walk and does not cover general training or basic commands.  If you are in need of obedience training, please check out our Private training programs.

Photography by Shelly Strazis