It is our goal to get every dog we work with to the point that they can be happily off leash. Happy for the dog, happy for you, happy for everyone that comes in contact with your pup. That’s a huge goal, but that’s what we’re going for. A well trained and socialized dog is a joy to be around. No struggling on walks or embarrassing moments in public or at the dog park. You get to relax and have fun with your pup, and that’s really the point of having a pup.

That said, we realize there are some dogs that may not make it to the off leash point. They are the ones with fear or aggression issues. But even they can be helped and, with enough time and training, can experience a happier family life, and we can give you the tools to make it happen.

For more than 20 years Canine In The City has worked with family dogs providing obedience training and socialization in a pack environment, and resolving behavioral issues in both private training and within the pack structure.

Dog training is not one size fits all.  There isn’t one style of training that will solve all problems, or one method to reach your goals.  Our approach provides results by utilizing a variety of tools appropriate for what is being taught and the temperament of the dog.