Happy dog

Troubleshooting Program

Tune Up

“My dog is great but…”

There’s always that one thing – jumping on guests, pulling on leash, bolting out the door, not coming when called…whatever it is, it’s a pain in the backside.

We hear you…we’ve been there, too.

Time for a tune up!

This program is meant to deal with that one issue getting in the way of having the “perfect” dog. (Ok, sometimes it’s 2 smaller issues, just saying.)

Whatever happens to be getting your goat, we will help you and your dog work through it so you can get back to a harmonious and joyous life together.

Depending on the issue, these Tune Ups are usually accomplished in about 3 sessions.

If you’re experiencing more difficult issues like extreme reactivity, we can create a bigger program for your unique situation.